We LOVE Corporate Events, too!

When The Event Fairies started, we thought of ourselves as a design-studio for children’s events, but then we kept growing and growing. Starting this business is similar to a corn-maze at times. You never know which direction it’s headed until your presented with an opportunity and what an opportunity it turned out to be!

Our client asked us to create, engage and facilitate crafts for 700+ children. Their “Family Day” celebration was full of fun, bounce houses to ziplines to carnival games, face painting, a never-ending lunch buffet and ice cream galore. Our client had one simple request, the crafts needed to appeal to a broad range of ages… from the bittiest of toddlers to the most skeptical of teenagers.

After weeks of planning, it was event day! I think we were just as excited as the kiddos! We setup (4) interactive craft stations, all pet-themed. Two of the crafts were aimed at 3 – 6 year olds and the other two were geared towards 7 years old and above. We not only supplied the crafts, but my “fellow fairies” were there to greet each child, explain the craft, pick out supplies and channel their creativity. It was SO much fun! We can’t wait to work with our client again in December!

As a corporate group, if you are presented with an opportunity to entertain younger guests, keep The Event Fairies in mind. We are delighted to present craft options or interactive activities customized around your meeting/event theme or brand. Our “Fellow Fairies” are energetic, enthusiastic and attentive to your little guests.

Thank you to our “Fellow Fairies!” We definitely appreciated the extra sets of hands!

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