Witch’s Broom Favor Tutorial

I LOVE Halloween! These witches brooms are a hit and just happen to be super fun to make. Last year, my twins took these handcrafted favors to school for their Halloween party. The kiddos LOVED them!

(1) 8 x 10 Glittered Felt Sheet (any color will do, but we love the black, purple and orange glitter sheets)
Large Pixie Stix in Purple & Orange Flavors
Hot Glue Gun
Craft Scissors
ZigZag Scissors

1. Take the glittered felt sheet and fold it in half.

2. Using your regular craft scissors, cut the seam, which will leave you with (2) pieces of felt.

3. Turn your felt sheet so it is “landscape,” or horizontal (depending on what you call it…wink! wink!) Using your zig zag scissors, begin making a 2.5 – 3 inch cut. These cuts will make the bottom fibers of your broom. I find it easier to cut from “right to left.” Don’t panic if your cuts aren’t exactly the same length or thickness as no one will ever know. Continue cutting to the end of your fabric.

4. Turn the felt sheet upside down and begin cutting approx. 1.5 inches in. This will be the top part of your broom. Continue cutting all the way across your felt piece.

5. Turn your felt piece over (glitter side down!) and make sure it is “portrait,” (a.k.a. – up and down vs. side to side)

6. When looking at your felt piece, take your hot glue gun and place a thin line of glue down the center in between the zig zag cuts. Then, starting on the bottom end, begin rolling your pixie stick upward.

7. When you reach the end, use a small dot of hot glue and press firmly to keep the seam closed.

8. Position your witches broom with the seam side towards the back. Cut approx. 12 inches of Halloween ribbon and begin to tie a bow. Feel free to add spider rings or a personalized tag. There are so many cute sayings. My favorite is “Witching you a Happy Halloween!”

9. Fluff your broom!

Based on the above directions, each felt sheet will produce (2) witch’s brooms. However, these can easily be cut down to yield (4) brooms per sheet. Just keep in mind the broom won’t be as full. The photo below shows the difference between yielding (2) brooms per sheet vs. just one. We used the entire felt sheet when making the broom on the right.


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