{American Girl Inspired Petite Sweet Shoppe}

I haven’t met very many girls that dislike the American Girl store. I loved it when this birthday mom said her soon-to-be 6 year old daughter wanted an American Girl inspired party. The American Girl Store in St. Louis throws one great birthday celebration, but their bistro can only accommodate up to 4 guests. This birthday girl wanted to invite 16 of her closest friends! We combined the birthday girls favorite things (tiaras/tea parties/sweets) and hence the “Petite Sweet Shoppe” was born!

First order of business…The birthday girl politely requested all of her friends wear their favorite party dress and bring their favorite doll. We didn’t specifically ask for American Girl dolls because the birthday mom didn’t want to make any of the girls feel inferior if they didn’t own one. Birthday celebrations are about fun and spending time with your best friends, not money, status and social politics, etc. We leave that fun stuff for the adults, right?!!!

COLOR SCHEME: The birthday girl has two favorite colors, so we made sure to tie in plenty of pink and purple throughout the party. I am very well aware of THE.RED.AND.WHITE.STAR. color scheme and fabulously branded shopping bag. Parents, it’s the equivalent of a tiffany blue box for us mommas. We light up if anything falls into that blue shade. Our party represents the birthday child, so traveling off the yellow brick road is completely acceptable in our fairytale!

Next, we wanted to include the dolls in every minute of this party. The birthday girl wanted tiaras, so we made sure to find mini ones to fit an 18 inch doll. We took it a step further and had a complete GLAM STATION. As guests arrived, they immediately were drawn to the hair brushes, replica flat irons, bracelets, wands, etc. Every girl has to look the part!

SWEET TREATS: My favorite part of this event are the desserts. Always have been and always will be. (Side story: My best friend and I always check out the dessert menu first and then make our dinner selections based upon calorie count. We aren’t complete whacka-doodles as we eat in the correct order, of course!) Sorry, continuing on…

The girls were able to choose from a variety of sweet treats and their dolls had a closely matched replica of the same item. I am completely in love with the marshmallow pops, merinques, strawberry wafers and the chocolate mousse. The best part is the girls were able to take the replica items with them! Oh, and yes, The Event Fairies made all of these items, except for the cupcake lipgloss. Why re-create a great thing?!!


This party was designed for a 6 year old, so we wanted it to feel comfortable, yet charming. We decided to leave the traditional cake plates in storage and opted for cookie sheets to display all of the sweet treats. What a creative way to tie in the bake shoppe feel. As my husband says, “You never stop. You stress yourself out by taking things one step further.” Of course, I do! That’s what an Event Fairy does!!! I found cupcake wrapping paper. Measured, cut and laminated it and PRESTO…I had an adorable cookie sheet liner!

We can’t forget to say “Happy 6th Birthday, Grace! We truly enjoyed being part of your special day!

The Event Fairies

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