M-I-Z, Skate with Me…a Mizzou-Inspired Birthday!

Deciding on a birthday party theme can be a daunting task for any parent, but add a set of boy/girl twins, turning 9, in the middle of winter, one month after the Christmas holiday and enthusiasm can head downhill quicker than an Olympic snowskier.

Parents of multiples have so many added scenarios to consider. Primarily because there are multiple individuals, triple the personalities and quadruple the cost. The first birthday party is easy breezy compared to the others as it is mainly family and close friends in attendance. Plus, the guests of honor can’t talk back, so the party theme becomes the parent’s choice. Fast forward a few years and then you have to consider the following…

  1. Separate parties or one celebration?
  2. Do the guests of honor share a favorite activity, sport or hobby?
  3. Evaluate the likes and dislikes of each child
  4. Do you invite both classrooms (for school aged children in separate classrooms)?
  5. Birthday child genders (Boy/Boy twins, Girl/Girl, Girl/Boy or any mixture of the two for triplets, quads, etc.)
  6. Party size? How big is too big?
  7. Do you dare say the “S” word? (ssshhhhh…..sleepover)

The list goes on and on and dollar signs get bigger and bigger! For parents of multiples, my advice is to tackle question #1. Do you celebrate the parties together or separately? Most parents of singletons will probably think, “hold the parties together. It saves money and it is easier.” However, parents of multiples have to balance the little voice in their head that says, “how do I celebrate each child individually, yet honor the close relationship?”

This pair of charming boy/girl twins kept us on our toes to say the least. If you decide to celebrate the parties together, choose the activity before choosing the theme. In this case, Twin A (girl) knew she wanted an ice skating party from the beginning. Twin B (boy) wanted to have a play date with a few close buddies from school. Our challenge was to find a way to make ice skating more masculine. Yes, the thought crossed our minds to have an ice skating/hockey party, but since the rink was against hockey sticks/pucks on the ice, we kept looking for another way to merge the two parties. We looked at the calendar of events at each of the local rinks and happened to find a college alumni association event scheduled for the same weekend as the birthday festivities. Knowing this family are HUGE Mizzou fans, the party theme was chosen, M-I-Z, Skate with Me!” Even Truman the Tiger (university mascot), Marching Mizzou (school band) and Golden Girls (dance team) were all scheduled to attend.


Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park, Saint Louis, Missouri


Black & Gold


Since the Mizzou Alumni event was open to the public, we needed a way to make the birthday attendees easily recognizable, especially since there were 25 children in attendance. Luckily, grandma can sew, so she made fleece infiniti scarves for the girls and standard fleece scarves for the boys. Each twin chose a different fleece fabric. Just a simple way to make the party details different enough, yet similar. As guests arrived, the birthday kids enjoyed handing out their scarves to their friends.


Mizzou has an energizing chant where the undergrads yell, “M-I-Z” and then all alumni yell, “Z-O-U!” It was perfect. For the treat buckets, the girls were M-I-Z and the boys were Z-O-U.


As a side note, this skating rink did not have a party room. To overcome this, the sweet treats were given out as party favors at the end of the play date.

There was one thing the birthday kids had in common, their love for hot chocolate. Mizzou is located in Columbia, MO, so each custom treat bucket had a “COMO Cocoa Kit.”  The cocoa kit had a black plastic mug, hot chocolate tin, a biodegradable spoon and a Tiger Tale chocolate-dipped marshmallow stir. These kits were individually wrapped, so guests could enjoy their hot cocoa at a later time. A very talented friend, Rebecca Boillat, made Mizzou-themed sugar cookies. She did a fabulous job, plus, there was no cake to cut and no mess, making the sugar cookie a very easy treat to enjoy on the way home.


During the design process, Mom shared a recent photo of her twins in front of the Columns at Mizzou. We were trying to find a way to celebrate their twinhood. We just happened to stumble upon the most perfect lollipops in the land from Vintage Confections. We fell in love with the animal-printed lollipop from the safari collection. We copied the darling photo, hole punched the side and added a cute saying, “Mizzou fans stick together.” Plus, the birthday kiddos LOVED seeing their faces on a custom favor!


Parties for multiples can be a bit of a challenge, but be creative, celebrate each personality and don’t be afraid to piggy back on events in the community. Fun is sure to be had by all.



THANK YOU  to our hard working vendors!

Party Location

Steinberg Ice Rink -  www.steinbergskatingrink.com


Vintage Confections – http://www.vintageconfections.com/products/sweet-safari-edible-image-animal-print-lollipops-by-vintage-confections


University of Missouri, Gateway Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association – http://gatewaytigers.com/

Biodegradeable Spoons, Cookie Favor Bags, Swizzle Sticks

Party Garden – https://www.etsy.com/shop/PartyGarden?ref=l2-shopheader-name


LittleGandMe Designs - https://www.etsy.com/transaction/173094943?ref=fb2_tnx_title

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