Elephant with Bows-1st Birthday

For me, designing an event is just like an artichoke. You start with a core concept or design idea and then you keep layering the details. It’s as simple as that. When Mom told me this super special birthday girl loved elephants, she was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be an exciting theme. To make a traditionally “boy” themed party appropriate for this spunky little girl, I simply added a darling hair bow detail to the elephant. I hope I proved this mom wrong as this could be one of my favorite parties thus far.

There are so many parts of this event that I love! First, it’s the color scheme. After a long and bitter winter here in St. Louis, I desperately needed something bright and cheery to kick start my Spring! ┬áThe hot pink and bright yellow complemented the gray base perfectly. Second, I love the bows details. They go perfectly on the glass beverage jars and the guests, both young and old, enjoyed taking pictures with the coordinating hair bows. But my favorite part has to be the monogrammed fabric banner. Simply because you can reuse it year and year. I find it rewarding that this mom can take a picture of the birthday girl under this banner for the next eighteen years. As a parent, I would enjoy remembering each birthday year :)

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