Elephant with Bows-1st Birthday

April 12th, 2014

For me, designing an event is just like an artichoke. You start with a core concept or design idea and then you keep layering the details. It’s as simple as that. When Mom told me this super special birthday girl loved elephants, she was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be an exciting theme. To make a traditionally “boy” themed party appropriate for this spunky little girl, I simply added a darling hair bow detail to the elephant. I hope I proved this mom wrong as this could be one of my favorite parties thus far.

There are so many parts of this event that I love! First, it’s the color scheme. After a long and bitter winter here in St. Louis, I desperately needed something bright and cheery to kick start my Spring!  The hot pink and bright yellow complemented the gray base perfectly. Second, I love the bows details. They go perfectly on the glass beverage jars and the guests, both young and old, enjoyed taking pictures with the coordinating hair bows. But my favorite part has to be the monogrammed fabric banner. Simply because you can reuse it year and year. I find it rewarding that this mom can take a picture of the birthday girl under this banner for the next eighteen years. As a parent, I would enjoy remembering each birthday year :)

Frozen-Inspired Everest Glow Centerpieces

March 10th, 2014

Do you ever see an item in a thrift store and instantaneously giggle in excitement because you know exactly what path you want to take? Disney’s newest movie, Frozen is a hit! If you haven’t watched it yet, chances are your children know all the words and lyrics to the charming songs. It’s okay to admit it…they’ve been stuck in your head for weeks! The movie is darling and easily one of Disney’s best! We are going to let your creativity go with this Frozen-inspired décor piece.

While shopping at your favorite thrift store, keep your eyes peeled for Christmas tree candy jars. These are reasonable! I purchased my trio for $1.50 total! There are two different styles and without a doubt buy any you see. Style one: the Christmas Tree Topper comes off therefore splitting the tree into two separate pieces, but style 2 has a plastic cap on the bottom. Both styles work perfectly! Mix and match between the two options to give different height variances to this display.


  • Variety of Christmas tree candy jars
  • Epsom Salts (approx. $3.50 per bag) Located in the pharmacy section at your local supermarket
  • Sponge paint brush
  • Modge Podge (any finish/any style will do)
  • Clear Coat Spray
  • Glow Sticks (your choice of color)



Take your sponge brush and apply an even coat of Modge Podge all over the candy jar. Paint quickly because Modge Podge tends to dry quickly.



Pour 1/4 bag of Epsom Salt product into a 9 x 13 pan. Turn the glass piece horizontally (on its side) and roll it in the Epsom Salt. Sprinkle small handfuls of the Epsom Salt “underneath” the tree branches to fully coat each piece.


Allow the glass pieces to dry for approx. 2-3 hours.



Lightly brush off any loose Epsom Salt.



Spray the pieces with one coat of clear coat spray. Allow pieces to dry for 1 hour. Repeat.



Follow the instructions on your glow stick and place inside the candy jar. Depending on the jar style, replace the topper or the plastic cap.




  • If you are using STYLE 1, do not paint the bottom “lip” of the topper.  If you forget and add Epsom Salt to the topper, it may not lay straight or fit back into the jar.
  • Wear plastic gloves, especially if children are assisting or you have sensitive skin.


  • Add some of your child’s Frozen figurines for instant décor pods.
  • If glow sticks don’t impress you, battery operated candles are a great option.
  • Want even more dazzle? Add glitter to your Epsom Salts!
  • Consider tinting your Modge Podge with food coloring for unique colors.
  • After your Frozen birthday party, save the centerpieces for your next eternal winter season. Add penguins or maybe some metallic reindeer for a truly unique winterscape. You can easily enjoy your new décor pieces all winter long.




M-I-Z, Skate with Me…a Mizzou-Inspired Birthday!

February 25th, 2014

Deciding on a birthday party theme can be a daunting task for any parent, but add a set of boy/girl twins, turning 9, in the middle of winter, one month after the Christmas holiday and enthusiasm can head downhill quicker than an Olympic snowskier.

Parents of multiples have so many added scenarios to consider. Primarily because there are multiple individuals, triple the personalities and quadruple the cost. The first birthday party is easy breezy compared to the others as it is mainly family and close friends in attendance. Plus, the guests of honor can’t talk back, so the party theme becomes the parent’s choice. Fast forward a few years and then you have to consider the following…

  1. Separate parties or one celebration?
  2. Do the guests of honor share a favorite activity, sport or hobby?
  3. Evaluate the likes and dislikes of each child
  4. Do you invite both classrooms (for school aged children in separate classrooms)?
  5. Birthday child genders (Boy/Boy twins, Girl/Girl, Girl/Boy or any mixture of the two for triplets, quads, etc.)
  6. Party size? How big is too big?
  7. Do you dare say the “S” word? (ssshhhhh…..sleepover)

The list goes on and on and dollar signs get bigger and bigger! For parents of multiples, my advice is to tackle question #1. Do you celebrate the parties together or separately? Most parents of singletons will probably think, “hold the parties together. It saves money and it is easier.” However, parents of multiples have to balance the little voice in their head that says, “how do I celebrate each child individually, yet honor the close relationship?”

This pair of charming boy/girl twins kept us on our toes to say the least. If you decide to celebrate the parties together, choose the activity before choosing the theme. In this case, Twin A (girl) knew she wanted an ice skating party from the beginning. Twin B (boy) wanted to have a play date with a few close buddies from school. Our challenge was to find a way to make ice skating more masculine. Yes, the thought crossed our minds to have an ice skating/hockey party, but since the rink was against hockey sticks/pucks on the ice, we kept looking for another way to merge the two parties. We looked at the calendar of events at each of the local rinks and happened to find a college alumni association event scheduled for the same weekend as the birthday festivities. Knowing this family are HUGE Mizzou fans, the party theme was chosen, M-I-Z, Skate with Me!” Even Truman the Tiger (university mascot), Marching Mizzou (school band) and Golden Girls (dance team) were all scheduled to attend.


Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park, Saint Louis, Missouri


Black & Gold


Since the Mizzou Alumni event was open to the public, we needed a way to make the birthday attendees easily recognizable, especially since there were 25 children in attendance. Luckily, grandma can sew, so she made fleece infiniti scarves for the girls and standard fleece scarves for the boys. Each twin chose a different fleece fabric. Just a simple way to make the party details different enough, yet similar. As guests arrived, the birthday kids enjoyed handing out their scarves to their friends.


Mizzou has an energizing chant where the undergrads yell, “M-I-Z” and then all alumni yell, “Z-O-U!” It was perfect. For the treat buckets, the girls were M-I-Z and the boys were Z-O-U.


As a side note, this skating rink did not have a party room. To overcome this, the sweet treats were given out as party favors at the end of the play date.

There was one thing the birthday kids had in common, their love for hot chocolate. Mizzou is located in Columbia, MO, so each custom treat bucket had a “COMO Cocoa Kit.”  The cocoa kit had a black plastic mug, hot chocolate tin, a biodegradable spoon and a Tiger Tale chocolate-dipped marshmallow stir. These kits were individually wrapped, so guests could enjoy their hot cocoa at a later time. A very talented friend, Rebecca Boillat, made Mizzou-themed sugar cookies. She did a fabulous job, plus, there was no cake to cut and no mess, making the sugar cookie a very easy treat to enjoy on the way home.


During the design process, Mom shared a recent photo of her twins in front of the Columns at Mizzou. We were trying to find a way to celebrate their twinhood. We just happened to stumble upon the most perfect lollipops in the land from Vintage Confections. We fell in love with the animal-printed lollipop from the safari collection. We copied the darling photo, hole punched the side and added a cute saying, “Mizzou fans stick together.” Plus, the birthday kiddos LOVED seeing their faces on a custom favor!


Parties for multiples can be a bit of a challenge, but be creative, celebrate each personality and don’t be afraid to piggy back on events in the community. Fun is sure to be had by all.



THANK YOU  to our hard working vendors!

Party Location

Steinberg Ice Rink -  www.steinbergskatingrink.com


Vintage Confections – http://www.vintageconfections.com/products/sweet-safari-edible-image-animal-print-lollipops-by-vintage-confections


University of Missouri, Gateway Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association – http://gatewaytigers.com/

Biodegradeable Spoons, Cookie Favor Bags, Swizzle Sticks

Party Garden – https://www.etsy.com/shop/PartyGarden?ref=l2-shopheader-name


LittleGandMe Designs - https://www.etsy.com/transaction/173094943?ref=fb2_tnx_title

{American Girl Inspired Petite Sweet Shoppe}

November 10th, 2013

I haven’t met very many girls that dislike the American Girl store. I loved it when this birthday mom said her soon-to-be 6 year old daughter wanted an American Girl inspired party. The American Girl Store in St. Louis throws one great birthday celebration, but their bistro can only accommodate up to 4 guests. This birthday girl wanted to invite 16 of her closest friends! We combined the birthday girls favorite things (tiaras/tea parties/sweets) and hence the “Petite Sweet Shoppe” was born!

First order of business…The birthday girl politely requested all of her friends wear their favorite party dress and bring their favorite doll. We didn’t specifically ask for American Girl dolls because the birthday mom didn’t want to make any of the girls feel inferior if they didn’t own one. Birthday celebrations are about fun and spending time with your best friends, not money, status and social politics, etc. We leave that fun stuff for the adults, right?!!!

COLOR SCHEME: The birthday girl has two favorite colors, so we made sure to tie in plenty of pink and purple throughout the party. I am very well aware of THE.RED.AND.WHITE.STAR. color scheme and fabulously branded shopping bag. Parents, it’s the equivalent of a tiffany blue box for us mommas. We light up if anything falls into that blue shade. Our party represents the birthday child, so traveling off the yellow brick road is completely acceptable in our fairytale!

Next, we wanted to include the dolls in every minute of this party. The birthday girl wanted tiaras, so we made sure to find mini ones to fit an 18 inch doll. We took it a step further and had a complete GLAM STATION. As guests arrived, they immediately were drawn to the hair brushes, replica flat irons, bracelets, wands, etc. Every girl has to look the part!

SWEET TREATS: My favorite part of this event are the desserts. Always have been and always will be. (Side story: My best friend and I always check out the dessert menu first and then make our dinner selections based upon calorie count. We aren’t complete whacka-doodles as we eat in the correct order, of course!) Sorry, continuing on…

The girls were able to choose from a variety of sweet treats and their dolls had a closely matched replica of the same item. I am completely in love with the marshmallow pops, merinques, strawberry wafers and the chocolate mousse. The best part is the girls were able to take the replica items with them! Oh, and yes, The Event Fairies made all of these items, except for the cupcake lipgloss. Why re-create a great thing?!!


This party was designed for a 6 year old, so we wanted it to feel comfortable, yet charming. We decided to leave the traditional cake plates in storage and opted for cookie sheets to display all of the sweet treats. What a creative way to tie in the bake shoppe feel. As my husband says, “You never stop. You stress yourself out by taking things one step further.” Of course, I do! That’s what an Event Fairy does!!! I found cupcake wrapping paper. Measured, cut and laminated it and PRESTO…I had an adorable cookie sheet liner!

We can’t forget to say “Happy 6th Birthday, Grace! We truly enjoyed being part of your special day!

The Event Fairies

Witch’s Broom Favor Tutorial

October 1st, 2013

I LOVE Halloween! These witches brooms are a hit and just happen to be super fun to make. Last year, my twins took these handcrafted favors to school for their Halloween party. The kiddos LOVED them!

(1) 8 x 10 Glittered Felt Sheet (any color will do, but we love the black, purple and orange glitter sheets)
Large Pixie Stix in Purple & Orange Flavors
Hot Glue Gun
Craft Scissors
ZigZag Scissors

1. Take the glittered felt sheet and fold it in half.

2. Using your regular craft scissors, cut the seam, which will leave you with (2) pieces of felt.

3. Turn your felt sheet so it is “landscape,” or horizontal (depending on what you call it…wink! wink!) Using your zig zag scissors, begin making a 2.5 – 3 inch cut. These cuts will make the bottom fibers of your broom. I find it easier to cut from “right to left.” Don’t panic if your cuts aren’t exactly the same length or thickness as no one will ever know. Continue cutting to the end of your fabric.

4. Turn the felt sheet upside down and begin cutting approx. 1.5 inches in. This will be the top part of your broom. Continue cutting all the way across your felt piece.

5. Turn your felt piece over (glitter side down!) and make sure it is “portrait,” (a.k.a. – up and down vs. side to side)

6. When looking at your felt piece, take your hot glue gun and place a thin line of glue down the center in between the zig zag cuts. Then, starting on the bottom end, begin rolling your pixie stick upward.

7. When you reach the end, use a small dot of hot glue and press firmly to keep the seam closed.

8. Position your witches broom with the seam side towards the back. Cut approx. 12 inches of Halloween ribbon and begin to tie a bow. Feel free to add spider rings or a personalized tag. There are so many cute sayings. My favorite is “Witching you a Happy Halloween!”

9. Fluff your broom!

Based on the above directions, each felt sheet will produce (2) witch’s brooms. However, these can easily be cut down to yield (4) brooms per sheet. Just keep in mind the broom won’t be as full. The photo below shows the difference between yielding (2) brooms per sheet vs. just one. We used the entire felt sheet when making the broom on the right.


Powdered Sugar Stencil…Easy cake decorating!

September 21st, 2013

I LOVE to bake, but sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to make frosting from scratch. Here is a super easy alternative. Make a powdered sugar stencil! This can be used for any holiday or theme!

Supplies Needed:
- One 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper (any color/any design as we will cut our image!)
- Scissors
- Powdered Sugar (in a shaker!)
- Baked item (my photo features a St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake! recipe below!)

take your sheet of paper and fold it in half length wise.

arrange the paper, so the opening is on the left side. The seam should be on the right.

Begin to cut your shape. Just remember when you are looking down at the rectangle paper, you are cutting out half of your shape. This will help you keep your shape/stencil in proportion.

You will be left with two pieces of paper. Your shape and then the stencil (outline). Take the stencil and flatten it out. Then, place on top of the dessert.

Time for the fun part! I use a powdered sugar shaker. I have twins and they always want to sugar their own waffles. The shaker limits the amount of sweetness vs. using a spoon. Another great tip is to start at the top of the stencil and work your way down to the bottom. I shake in one hand and hold the stencil down as I go. Shake! Shake! Shake!

STOP! Be careful removing the stencil. You don’t want the extra powdered sugar ruining your hard work!

Yay, you!!! Simplicity at it’s finest!

You could even use this technique on store bought brownies, cheesecake, pumpkin bread…anything your heart desires! Guests will be in awe! Add a decorative cake plate and it won’t even cross your guests’ minds the dessert was store bought!

Birthday Cake
Four Leaf Clover
Easter Egg
Spell out words (I “heart” U)

There are oodles of Gooey Butter Cake recipe’s, but here is my favorite! It just happens to be Paula Deen’s recipe. Paula Deen + butter = HEAVEN under the Gateway Arch!

One 18.5 ounce package of yellow cake mix
1 Egg
8 tablespoons of butter, melted. (one stick!)

1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
8 tablespoons butter, melted
1 16-ounce box powdered sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Combine the cake mix, egg, and butter and mix well with an electric mixer. Pat the mixture into the bottom of a lightly greased 13 by 9-inch baking pan.

In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the eggs, vanilla, and butter and beat together.

Next, add the powdered sugar and mix well. Spread over cake batter and bake for 45minutes. DO NOT OVERBAKE! This cake center should be a little gooey.

Wintergreen-Inspired Holiday…

August 14th, 2013

Tis the season! I always find it ironic when the weather is HOT! HOT! HOT!, the hobby and craft stores start stocking their shelves with red, green and sparkly holiday décor. The holiday season is the last thing you want to consider while sipping a mai tai in your beach chair when trying to squeeze the last few hours out of your summer vacation.

(wait for it…I’m going to burst your bubble!)

FOR REAL! The holiday season is FOUR months away!!!
Are you in charge of planning your company or organization’s holiday party and don’t know where to begin? Well, don’t fret! The Event Fairies can make the holiday season a bit brighter and assist you with the following…
• Theme creation
• Tablescape design
• Activity/Craft Stations
• Custom props
• Equipment and linen rentals
• Menu coordination
• Custom invitations

Last year, we had the privilege of collaborating on a “wintergreen” themed holiday party for approximately 900 guests. Visualize sleigh rides, fresh pine, fireplace chats, chilly afternoon hikes and frozen noses! To pull off the wintergreen theme, we made sure to include organic details from burlap stockings to perfectly wrapped gifts adorned in brown paper and twine.

This event had quite a few moving parts…custom décor, two dessert/coffee stations, two craft and one edible action station for the kiddos and two hot cocoa bars!

My favorite part had to be the edible action station! The kiddos had a blast filling their individual treat bags with concoctions of sweet treats that resembled pieces of coal! Our client just happens to know a thing or two about coal…wink! wink!

Our hot cocoa bar was transformed into an ice skating rink, complete with skate rentals, blankets, mittens and of course warm wishes for the holiday season! To fully capture the theme, the fixings were placed on top of freshly cut wood rounds and enjoyed in personalized cocoa cups.

The mini desserts were displayed on three vintage sleds aloft blankets of snow. Guests also enjoyed the warmth of our signature drink, a “cinnamon coal latte.” Desserts included cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, chocolate mousse cups and s’mores marshmallow pops! Each dessert had a hand-crafted holiday-themed food picks.

We also can assist with “Breakfast with Santa.” Want a new twist? How about a “Santa in Pajamas” Party?!!

With the hustle and bustle of the season, thank your guests for spending it with you! Make your event memorable and add some fairy flair!

A Special Thanks to:
Paper Goods & Stationery: www.toddstudiosphotography.com
Meeting & Event Planner: www.kjsevents.com

Pastel Rainbow Party!

October 7th, 2012

We were asked to design a pastel rainbow party for two special sisters turning 1 and 4. We have quite a bit of experience planning events for multiples, but for two girls turning different ages was a bit of a challenge…and we LOVED every minute of it!

Our design started with this fabulous idea from Lowe’s. YES…LOWE’s! We couldn’t wait to give this a try! We wanted ours to line the driveway as guests arrived. To keep them attached to the stake, we were able to use zip ties. Worked like a charm!  http://pinterest.com/pin/203787951859360074/

My favorite party of this tablescape are the cake tutus. They are whimsical and represent nothing but pure fun! Each birthday girl had their own cake. For Alexis, her cake was a bit bigger with a brightly colored rainbow on the front with adorable polka dots. For Lillian, her very own smash cake for turning one.




Create-your-own Candy Necklace. The kiddos really enjoyed stringing a variety of items with holes in the center. We used string that had a bit of elastic which fit over their heads perfectly.

  • Fruit Loops
  • Fruity Cheerios
  • Peach Rings
  • Watermelon Rings
  • Gummy Lifesavers

Menu Sampling:

  • Polka Dot Popcorn
  • Cotton Candy Lemonade
  • Fruit Rainbow with Cloud Dip
  • Mike & Ike’s Candies
  • Rainbow Goldfish

Thank you to Alexis and Lillian! We had a blast celebrating with you!

Thank you to our Vendors:



We LOVE Corporate Events, too!

August 27th, 2012

When The Event Fairies started, we thought of ourselves as a design-studio for children’s events, but then we kept growing and growing. Starting this business is similar to a corn-maze at times. You never know which direction it’s headed until your presented with an opportunity and what an opportunity it turned out to be!

Our client asked us to create, engage and facilitate crafts for 700+ children. Their “Family Day” celebration was full of fun, bounce houses to ziplines to carnival games, face painting, a never-ending lunch buffet and ice cream galore. Our client had one simple request, the crafts needed to appeal to a broad range of ages… from the bittiest of toddlers to the most skeptical of teenagers.

After weeks of planning, it was event day! I think we were just as excited as the kiddos! We setup (4) interactive craft stations, all pet-themed. Two of the crafts were aimed at 3 – 6 year olds and the other two were geared towards 7 years old and above. We not only supplied the crafts, but my “fellow fairies” were there to greet each child, explain the craft, pick out supplies and channel their creativity. It was SO much fun! We can’t wait to work with our client again in December!

As a corporate group, if you are presented with an opportunity to entertain younger guests, keep The Event Fairies in mind. We are delighted to present craft options or interactive activities customized around your meeting/event theme or brand. Our “Fellow Fairies” are energetic, enthusiastic and attentive to your little guests.

Thank you to our “Fellow Fairies!” We definitely appreciated the extra sets of hands!

“Put A Bing On It” – {wedding shower}

August 8th, 2012

To jump start the wedding celebration, we took a recent song and with the spirit of marriage, joined it with a bowlful of cherries! We truly enjoyed this event and hope you do too!


When people ask, “where do you get your inspiration?”, my typical answer is “Everywhere.” This time around,  I was standing in the floral aisle at my favorite craft store pondering a deep question (okay, define “deep???”). “What do crafters do with green floral foam besides using it for obvious reasons, like floral arrangements.” I’ll admit, the song came on my ipod and presto…I finally had inspiration for the backdrop.

For this fun dessert bar, the food selections were…you guess it, CHERRIES and lots of them! The “orchard trio” consisted of The Blue Owl’s famous Cherry Lattice Pie, Very Cherry Cheesecake and Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse Cups. Another fun focal point was our “cherry tree.” The Blue Owl is great at making the most adorable sugar cookies and with their expertise and design, we were able to hang these off of curly willow. We also made sure there were fresh cherries and since they were in season, they were simply a hit!


For beverages, a cherry martini bar of course! Wedding Showers are fun and while we enjoy creating children’s events, too, sometimes an adult beverage truly is the cherry on top!


Our friends at Todd Studios Photography +  Stationery not only took these fabulous pics, but they designed the invitation as well as the paper ornaments (buffet labels). How cute are these!

For Favors, we took clear cellophane bags and filled them with chocolate covered cherries from Harry and David. Added a muted ribbon and added some bling!

Another pointer: Never be afraid to ask. We’ve all heard this saying time and time again, but as I was picking out my cherries at the local fruit market, I desperately needed a fruit box to hang the “orchard is open” sign.  My local farmer is so incredible nice and generous as it didn’t cost us anything…except loyalty :)

A huge applause to our vendors! We cannot thank you enough!

Location & Desserts: The Blue Owl in Kimmswick, Missouri

Photography: Todd Studios Photography + Stationery

Stationery: Todd Studios Photography +  Stationery

Linens: Connie Duglin Linen