*The Event Fairies* met during their college days. They lived in the same dorm and joined the same sorority. At a Parents Weekend in 1996, the connection finally came full circle when our parents not only recognized one another, but grew up and spent their elemenary and high school days together.
Since then, *The Event Fairies* have married their fabulous husbands, started families and now plan birthday parties for the six children between them.

*The Event Fairies* have over 12 years of event experience. They’ve spent much of their careers working at leading venues in the St. Louis Area and planning a variety of accommodations for weddings, corporate meetings, holiday parties and many more. This experience has given “The Event Fairies” an edge to stay on top of market trends and foster relationships with the city’s best resources.

*The Event Fairies* truly understand what it means to be a working mother. While it is the most grueling and demanding job, there is nothing better that being a parent. Even on the worst days, a simple hug from your little one gives you to the energy to fold that extra load of laundry, pick up the the toys for the 49th time that day or overlook the massive amounts of cheerios and fruit snacks in the backseat of your car. Along came the inspiration for the company…”help busy households (aka, mom) throw a fabulous event, complete with unique handmade touches while under huge time constraints.”

Every one deserves the perfect day to celebrate their milestone. No event is too big or too small and *The Event Fairies* will be there every step of the way. Their designs are fresh, creative and capture the guest of honor’s personality. No cookie-cutter parties accepted. *The Event Fairies* have a genuine enthusiasm for celebration. This shows in their impressive textures and details, all are handcrafted and of course, original designs.

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